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Machine Shop - Layout/Bench Work
Machine Shop - Layout/Bench Work

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At the completion of this course, the student will be able to perform a rough and a precision layout of a workpiece. The student will also be able to describe: how to saw stock with a hand hacksaw; the correct procedure for straight and draw filling of metal; how to size holes with a hand reamer; and hand methods of deburring parts, removing broken studs, tapping threads, and cutting threads using a threading die and tap. In addition, the student will be able to describe: how to cut threads by machine using a threading die; the procedure for broaching a keyway using an arbor press; and how to operate a powered keyway cutter.

  • Rough Layout of a Workpiece
  • Precision Layout of a Workpiece
  • Stock Sawing With a Hand Hacksaw
  • Straight and Draw Filing of Metal
  • Hole Sizing With Hand Reams
  • Hand Methods of Deburring Parts
  • Hand Methods of Removing Broken Studs
  • Tapping Threads by Hand
  • Cutting Threads by Hand Using a Threading Die and Tap
  • Cutting Threads by Machine Using a Threading Die
  • Broaching of a Keyway Using an Arbor Press
  • Operate a Powered Keyway Cutter