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Machine Shop - Lathes
Machine Shop - Lathes

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At the completion of this course, the student will be able to explain the function and proper use of the basic components of an engine lathe and its controls. The student will also be able to describe the steps required to: perform precision centering work; face the end surfaces and shoulders of a work specimen; perform drilling in a lathe; carry out straight and taper turning; cut steep tapers and chamfers; perform radius and fillet turning; mount, face and turn work on a mandrel; execute machine reaming; do parting and grooving; perform boring operations; knurl a work piece; cut internal and external unified standard screw threads; straighten a shaft; and grind radius, turning, facing, form, and threading tools.

  • Operator Control of Engine Lathe
  • Use of a Steady Rest
  • Remove and Install Chucks and Face Plates With Cam Locks
  • Precision Centering Work in a 4-Jaw Chuck
  • Facing in a Chuck
  • Drilling on a Lathe
  • Alignment of Lathe Centers
  • Mount Workpieces Between Centers
  • Center Drill Work Between Centers
  • Straight Turning Between Centers
  • Straight Turning Work Held in a Chuck on an Engine Lathe
  • Taper Turning with the Tailstock Off-Set Method
  • Cutting Steep Tapers and Chamfers
  • Taper Turning on a Lathe With a Taper Attachment
  • Radius and Fillet Turning
  • Mount, Face, and Turn Work on a Mandrel
  • Machine Reaming on a Lathe
  • Parting and Grooving on a Lathe
  • Boring on a Lathe
  • Knurling of a Workpiece
  • Cutting External Unified Standard Screw Threads
  • Cut Internal Unified Standard Screw Threads
  • Straighten a Shaft
  • Grind a Right-Hand Turning Tool
  • Grind a Right-Hand Facing Tool
  • Grind a Radius Tool
  • Grind a Round Nose Form Tool
  • Grind a 60 Degree Threading Tool
  • Reverse the Jaws in a 4-Jaw Independent Chuck
  • Change the Jaws in a 3-Jaw Universal Chuck
  • Reverse the Jaws in a 3-Jaw Universal Chuck With Cap Screw Mounted Jaws