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Hydraulics - Fundamentals
Hydraulics - Fundamentals

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At the completion of this course, the student will be able to: explain the basic principles of hydraulics; describe the major components common to most fluid power systems; and identify common hydraulic component symbols found on a hydraulic fluid flow diagram. In addition, the student will be able to identify fluids and additives used in hydraulic systems and describe their characteristics.

  • Incompressibility of Fluids
  • Basic Components Common to Fluid Power Systems
  • Fluid Power System Diagramming
  • Purpose of Actuators
  • Basic Operations of an Actuator
  • Fluid Power System Control Valves
  • Valve Operation in Fluid Power Systems
  • Purpose of Accumulators
  • Types of Accumulators
  • Identification of Fluid Power Pumps
  • Operating Principles of Fluid Power Pumps
  • Fluid Power Pump Applications
  • Identification of Fluid Power Motors
  • Operating Principles of Fluid Power Motors
  • Fluid Power Motor Applications
  • Identification of Fluids and Additives Used in Hydraulic Systems
  • Fluid Characteristics
  • Fluid Applications
  • Fluid Power System Reservoirs
  • Purpose of Filters
  • Hydraulic System Heat Exchangers