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Machine Shop - Vertical Milling Machines

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At the completion of this course, the student will be able to describe the basic components, controls, and operation of a vertical milling machine. The student will be able to describe the steps required to: locate, drill, bore and ream holes using the coordinated method; step drill holes accurately; mill a slot or pocket; counter sink, counter bore, and spot face work pieces; mill a square and hexagon on a work piece; machine a flat surface using a flying cutter; mill multi-level surfaces; and mill a fillet with a ball end mill.

  • Vertical Milling Operations Control Familiarity (LAGUN)
  • Install and Remove a Collect and End Mill
  • Align Spindle Perpendicular to the Table
  • Mount and Align a Vise on the Mill Table
  • Square a Workpiece Clamped to the Mill Table
  • Square a Workpiece Held in a Vise on a Vertical Mill
  • Locating, Drilling, and Reaming Holes by Coordinated Method
  • Locate and Bore Holes - Coordinate Method
  • Step Drill Holes Accurately to Size
  • Mill a Slot or a Pocket
  • Countersinking, Counterboring, and Spot Facing
  • Mill a Square on a Workpiece
  • Mill a Hexagon on a Workpiece
  • Machine a Flat Surface Using a Flying Cutter
  • Mill Multi-Level Surfaces
  • Mill a Fillet with Ball End Mill